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Take It Take It To The Floor

Take It to the Floor was released digitally on December 23, 2008 and released physically on January 20, 2009 by Universal Republic Records. It features five songs previously released on their Cash Cash EP, one of them being re-recorded. On December 13, 2008, it was announced on their blog that their full-length album would be out on December 23, 2008.[1][2] The album title is taken from the lyrics of the first track "Breakout." The album was recorded in Anntenna Studios, Digital Heart Beat Studios and Fresh Kills Studio.[3] "Party in Your Bedroom" was released to contemporary hit radio in the United States on April 14, 2009.[4] The music video for the song was directed by Brendan Kyle Cochrane.[5]

Take It Take It To The Floor

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The song was written by Toby Gad, Jessica Origliasso and Lisa Origliasso. Several lines of "Take Me on the Floor", specifically "I wanna kiss a girl, I wanna kiss a girl, I wanna kiss a boy", caused some controversy for its portrayal of sexuality. The video also stirred up controversy, as it depicts kissing scenes between girls.[4]Lisa states "Yeah, I reckon there's a sexual undertone to that song, but when we were writing it we were thinking about having fun, going to a club, being on the dancefloor. You can interpret it how you like."[5]

This gallery takes an expansive look at abstraction, exploring how women artists reshaped the natural world for expressive purposes in a wide range of media including paintings, prints, textiles, ceramics, furniture, and jewelry. Among the artists featured in this space are painters Carmen Herrera, Esphyr Slobodkina, and Maud Morgan and designers Greta Magnusson-Grossman and Olga Lee, as well as Claire Falkenstein, Laura Andreson, Margaret de Patta, and others who contributed to the development of the studio craft movement.

You're now signed up to receive updates from Shaw. And whether you're looking to gather information, select a new style or care for the floors in your home, we look forward to helping you along the way.

DG CLIMA invited citizens across Europe to have semi-structured, self-organised climate debates in familiar environments, the so-called Peer Parliaments. As part of the European Climate Pact, hundreds of private small group deliberations have taken place and their hosts reported the outcomes back to DG CLIMA via a web platform.

Discount flooring store and flooring installer serving the greater Seattle area. Choose from thousands of premium materials at discounted prices. Carpet, Hardwood, Vinyl Plank, Laminant, Tile, and Slab countertops. Our warehouse store in Woodinville WA is open to the public. Call for a Complimentary Design Consultation.

The studies showed that high-power men take much more speaking time in group settings than low-power men, while high-power women speak about as much as low-power women. The author also found that highly voluble women are perceived, by both male and female observers, as less competent and less suitable leaders than less voluble women, while the inverse is true for men.

The author conducts three studies to examine the relationship between gender, power, and volubility. Study 1 uses archival data from the United States Senate. The author measures the total amount of time each senator spent speaking on the Senate floor during the 2005 and 2007 congressional sessions. The predictor variables were gender and a power score obtained from a non-partisan private firm. Volubility was measured by obtaining data from C-SPAN footage. Study 2 recruited 206 individuals from an online research database. Participants were asked to imagine a team situation at work, and then were randomly assigned to be either the most powerful person in the room (high-power condition), or the least powerful one (low-power condition). Study 3 recruited 156 adults from the same online source. Participants were randomly assigned to one of four experimental conditions. They read a bio sketch about a chief executive officer (CEO), while the gender and volubility of the CEO was varied under a high-power or a low-power condition.

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There are two other names of the association in Poland: Muminki (Moomins) and Wspólnoty muminkowe (Moomin communities). Within the community, intellectually disabled children have been called Moons and their caretakers - Hemulens. The reference to Moomins was originally supposed to relate to the atmosphere of an ideal family. Over time, however, the division into two opposing groups began to arouse dissatisfaction of both children and their parents (Pessel, 2013, p. 312).

Pregnancy is a common cause of pelvic floor dysfunction. Often women or people AFAB experience pelvic floor dysfunction after they give birth. Your pelvic floor muscles and tissues can become strained during pregnancy, especially if your labor was long or difficult.

Every year, millions of men around the world experience pelvic floor dysfunction. Because the pelvic floor muscles work as part of the waste (excretory) and reproductive systems during urination and sex, pelvic floor dysfunction can co-exist with many other conditions affecting men, including:

Pelvic floor dysfunction is very different than pelvic organ prolapse. Pelvic organ prolapse happens when the muscles holding your pelvic organs (uterus, rectum and bladder) in place loosen and become too stretched out. Pelvic organ prolapse can cause your organs to protrude (stick out) of your vagina or rectum and may require you to push them back inside.

Interstitial cystitis is a chronic bladder condition that causes pain in your pelvis or bladder. Pain from your bladder can cause pain in your pelvic floor muscles and then loss of muscle relaxation and strength, which is pelvic floor dysfunction. So, having one of these conditions increases your risk of having the other.

Your provider may also do a physical exam to test how well you can control your pelvic floor muscles. Using their hands, your provider will check for spasms, knots or weakness in these muscles. They may also need to give you an intrarectal (inside of your rectum) exam or vaginal exam.

It can take several months of routine bowel or urinary medications and pelvic floor physical therapy before symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction start to improve. The most important part of treatment is to not give up. Forgetting to take your medications every day will cause your symptoms to continue and possibly get worse. Also, skipping physical therapy appointments or not practicing exercises can slow healing.

Any activity that increases the tension or pain in your pelvic floor muscles can cause your symptoms to get worse. For example, heavy weightlifting or repetitive jumping can increase your pelvic floor tension and actually worsen symptoms.

Depending on your symptoms and how much pain you feel, you might be treated by your regular provider, a physical therapist, a gynecologist, a gastroenterologist, a pelvic pain anesthesiologist or a pelvic floor surgeon.

Fortunately, most pelvic floor dysfunction is treatable, usually through biofeedback, physical therapy and medications. If you start to experience any of the symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, contact a healthcare provider. Early treatment can help improve your quality of life and help with inconvenient and uncomfortable symptoms.

If you think you might have pelvic floor dysfunction, make sure you see your provider early, especially if you have pain when going to the bathroom. Remember, the more open and honest you are with your provider, the better your treatment will be.

You can take the stairs from the bottom of the Eiffel Tower up to the 2nd Floor. That means exactly 674 steps! In total, there are 1665 steps from the esplanade up to the top of the Eiffel Tower, but the stairway from the 2nd floor to the top is not open to the public. It will take about 30-45 minutes to climb the stairs to the 2nd floor. It all depends on how fit you are! However, please avoid taking the stairs with very young children or babies (gentle reminder: there is no space or locker room for left luggage), or anyone in poor health. The stairways are not open to visitors with reduced mobility.

If you want to go to the top, "stairway + lift" tickets allow you to climb the Tower on foot up to the 2nd floor, and then take the lift up to the top, for a sporty and heady experience. These tickets are only sold on-site.

Stairway tickets are sold in the dedicated leg of the tower (SOUTH), guaranteeing minimal queueing times (only the sportiest visitors), and the SOUTH leg is also where you take the stairs up. In peak periods, another leg may be opened for stairway ascents.

I recently heard a story about a unique collection method used by a flooring contractor who had not received payment for completed work. The contractor had installed new hardwood floors in a house being renovated and listed for sale. Despite numerous demands and threats, the flooring contractor was told he would be paid only when the house sold. After waiting a few more months, the contractor used the lockbox code to enter the empty house and tore out all of the flooring he had installed. Was this legal? He had not been paid for his materials, so was it fair that he could take them back?

Another New Yorker, Trenelle Gabay, had to make the unthinkable decision to take her husband off life support after he was shot in the crossfire of two rival gangs at a community festival in Brooklyn. 041b061a72


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