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Varma Kalai Techniques: An Introduction

Varma kalai is a Tamil traditional art of vital points that combines massage, alternative medicine, traditional yoga and martial arts. It is based on the manipulation of the body's pressure points (varmam) to heal or cause harm. The healing application is called Vaidhiya Murai and the combat application is called Adimurai or Varma Adi. Varma kalai is attributed to several Siddhars, especially Agastya, who is said to have learned it from the god Shiva and his son Murugan.

Varma kalai techniques are classified into four types: Thodu Varmam, Padu Varmam, Thattu Varmam and Nakku Varmam. Each type has a different effect and purpose.

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  • Thodu Varmam: These are 96 vital points triggered by a touch. They are not deadly, but they can affect the victim by disabling the body, organ movements and functions.

  • Padu Varmam: These are 12 vital points that are fatal, causing immediate, severe effects upon the victim. They can cause death, coma, paralysis or loss of senses.

  • Thattu Varmam: These are 108 vital points that are activated by striking with a fist, palm, elbow, knee or foot. They can cause pain, swelling, bleeding, fracture or dislocation.

  • Nakku Varmam: These are 15 vital points that are stimulated by blowing air or saliva into the ears, nose or mouth. They can cause dizziness, fainting, nausea or vomiting.

Varma kalai techniques require a deep knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and energy pathways of the human body. The practitioners must also have a high level of skill, precision and control to apply the right amount of pressure or force at the right location and angle. Varma kalai techniques can be used for self-defense, offense or healing purposes.

If you want to learn more about varma kalai techniques, you can download some PDF files from the following links:

  • [Varma Kalai Papers by KumarCSK]

  • [Varma Kalai - Wikipedia]

  • [Varma Kalai Techniques Pdf 12 - Discover Life in America]


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