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Hotel 626 | Web Browser | Full Game - YouTube

So you are the owner of Hotel 626. You finally got it opened! Looks like it's going to be a great year for business! Except, it's not. You notice that the hotel is closed! All the guests have checked out. The people that are in the hotel all look sad. One of them says, "That's a shame." That's a shame indeed. You hear a crunch! A crunch! And then a thud! Bang! You're the next victim! Panic! You can run!

Hotel 626 Full Version Gamel

The game was set in a small hotel, somewhere in a not-so-safe neighborhood. Your goal was to explore the hotel trying to figure out what is going on. From the moment the game starts you're lead to think this was a hoax to create a drama, however it gradually becomes obvious that you're not in the same room anymore. While starting off to be a game of deduction and a puzzle, ultimately, the gaming experience itself made up for its slow start. As the months went on, new victims were chosen every time you die and you're placed back into the same room as the last victim you were, with clues to find and puzzles to solve.

Even though Asylum 626 was released earlier, I prefer Hotel 626 over the sequel, because of the higher difficulty and its concept. If it wasn't for its concept, I'd have liked it more.

Among the many puzzles presented by the game is finding the key to open the door to the exit. It won't be easy, because as the night goes on, the mist will become thicker and the shadows even more present. Find the key, and you will have a clear path out of the hotel. This key is located where the first pulsing noise is heard during the opening scene of the game, since this is where your path starts, and once you have found the key, there is no turning back.


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