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Z-DEEP - The Desert (Original Mix) MP3 !!TOP!!

Wandering between chords and tenderly plucking strings, Gunn\u2019s playing recalls the recently reissued 1978 album Music By William Eaton, another close-mic\u2019d collection of acoustic instrumentals. Yet while Eaton recorded in the vast expanses of the Arizona desert, Gunn is currently at home in one of the country\u2019s epicentres of the pandemic. The three numbered pieces of Spring in Brooklyn drip out at an unhurried pace despite the fact that you can clearly hear sirens and dogs barking through a window before synths envelop its final moments. It\u2019s a subtle yet captivating juxtaposition, bottling our present moment of inner-city agitation without spelling it out in bold. Spring in Brooklyn is by no means a grand statement in Gunn\u2019s ever-deepening discography, but one that offers a mind mellowing when we can all use it most.[7]

Z-DEEP - The Desert (Original Mix) MP3




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