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St. Clair Tea

Coming soon to Candi Bee's!

Those of you who know me know that I have been studying herbalism for the last couple of years. I find that the closer that I get to Nature and the more natural things that I put in my body the better I feel and the better I'm able to cope with outside stressors (i e the four-year-old that is destroying a tower of boxes as loud as he possibly can behind me right now lol).

One thing I love doing is making a fresh cup of tea from my garden in the morning! Theres nothing like sitting in my hammock and catching a second of silence. I've also discovered some amazing aromas and new flavors I didnt know about! So this is a really exciting announcement!

Some of you guys have seen us at the market recently, and I am stoked to be teaming up with St Clair Tea Company this summer! St. Clair Tea offers a wide variety of herbal tea and they also have options with CBD infusions! We have spent some days in the kitchen recently coming up with new recipes for you guys too! You guys can also find these teas at local CBD American Shamans!

Be on the lookout for some extra articles this month where we tell you about each of the tea flavors and the herbs that they contain! We will be including teas like Sleepy Time Tea and ginseng infused Up and At Em Tea!

Photography by Taylor Jones @taylorjonesphotographyusa

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